Your trailer is made of many parts, big and small, from wheels to bearings, couplers, lights, suspension, jacks and suspensions and more, all of which work in tandem to get you going smoothly. Like any other vehicle part, they will wear down with routine use. Timely repairs and replacement can help you keep your trailer in a good condition for decades to come. You need specialized experts for timely inspection, damage prevention, and minimizing expensive replacement costs. Here are a few tips from the trusted professionals at Beothuck Trailers, Edmonton’s oldest and most trusted trailer shop.

Replacing Exclusive Parts: If your trailer parts are old or your model is exclusive, it may be hard and expensive to source them. Repairs may cost more but may be cheaper than a full replacement. Say, for example, you switch your worn out hubs and stubs with more easily sourced new parts, replacing those upgrades will be easier and cheaper the next time. Also, it is affordable to replace smaller units than the entire product.

Replacing Parts that Come in Pairs: When you have one trailer part inspected, make sure you have the others looked into as well. If you keep calling for help over and over again, costs escalate. However, if you have all parts inspected at once, labour costs could go down because you will be calling the professionals only once. If a part in a pair breaks down, replace both at the same time or the other part may give way soon. For example, replacing one brake and leaving the other intact reduces overall functionality. Make sure both brakes are replaced with a pair of new ones.

Check the Entire Part, Not Just an Area: It is good to look at all options before considering repairs. Sometimes, it is better to replace the entire part than fix a small area. A bent part, for instance, is better to be replaced than repaired, but experts are in the position to weigh that decision better. They can also help you factor in the full cost of part replacement coupled with labour costs and research to help you determine what will save you most time and money.

Our Beothuck Trailer Story – The Oldest Trailer Shop in Edmonton

Beothuck Trailers Ltd. is a family operated business, known for professional, personalized service. Our name derives from “Beothuck,” the group of aboriginal people who first inhabited Newfoundland in 200 AD. The first trailer that people used to transport goods before the wheel was invented was called the travois. It consisted of two log poles strapped to either side of a horse with the ends trailing over the ground.

Today, we have complete trailer services in a comprehensive facility where we manufacture, sell and rent high quality vehicles to meet all your requirements. Trailers can be used for towing heavy equipment, machines, vehicles, and construction products such as wood logs, that are oversized or too bulky to be transported by road vehicles such as trucks. For any damage or concern, feel free to call us and bring your trailer over. Our rental services in Edmonton are flexible, customized and considerate because your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Whether your trailer is damaged, needs repairs or replacements, let us have a look. You may end up with not just your vehicle in top shape again, but also lifelong friends!