You might be wondering whether you should get an open utility trailer or an enclosed cargo trailer, and both have great benefits as useful tools in their own way. Many people will say that open trailers are more efficient, as they are lightweight and more fuel-efficient, while others will say that an enclosed trailer will give you more protection, which will outweigh the costs. While these are both good answers, everyone’s situation is different, so there are certain things to consider.

The Benefits of Open Trailers

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Utility trailers are named this because of their versatility. This open concept means that you can haul large and oddly shaped cargo. Without walls and a roof, the utility trailer is usually lighter and the same size as an enclosed trailer. This allows more tow vehicles to be able to tow a utility trailer, which allows more choices. Their size means that they are easier to maneuver, and you will be able to have open sightlines at all times.

Smaller utility trailers can be loaded by hand, but you can also use a jack to make things easier. Utility trailers also allow you to access the cargo from every side of the ramp. This makes things easier for loading and unloading because you won’t need to go up and down the ramp each time. These trailers also have built-in anchor points and have rails all around. Utility trailers allow many different options for tie straps and other securing methods.

An open design also helps with easier access to wiring and structural components, making maintenance and upgrade much easier. Utility trailers are a great choice for cargo that is being brought into a city or for quick trips.

Some Drawbacks of Open Trailers

The benefit of being open can also act as a downside in some situations. This is because whatever you are hauling will be exposed to the elements. This might not be an issue with certain things like landscape equipment, but this can be a bad thing for other things like furniture or bedding.

There are also limited ways you could secure the cargo beyond the straps. While the cargo will be fine and secure from falling off the trail, this only gives limited protection from theft. Utility trailers usually don’t have the same payload capacity as enclosed trailers do. If a utility trailer does not come preinstalled with a floor, it will be limited on how much weight it can hold.

Benefits of Enclosed Trailers

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Enclosed trailers operate like mobile storage units that are transportable. They feature thick aluminum skin, framing, walls, roof, and a floor that covers your cargo from all sides. This means that cargo will be secure from point A to point B. They are more secure from theft, and they are also easier to customize with your brand identity while it’s on its way to its destination. You can also increase the thickness of the aluminum skin, you can also add a ladder.

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