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Trailer Types

Our Rental Fleet

Our trailer rental fleet contains over 80 rental units consisting of various styles/sizes of enclosed cargo, utility, dump and light industrial flatdeck trailers. Each unit is regularily maintanenced and a strict trailer checklist must be completed by our staff before each unit leaves the yard. We can match all standard trailer electrical plugs. We also rent trailer/towing accessories (refer to the ‘Accessories’ section below). If renting a trailer with electric brakes it is recommended that the towing vehicle be equipped with a proper brake control. Rental units with electric over hydraulic braking systems require that the towing vehicle have a hot/battery wire in the vehicle plug. Spare tires are available for all rental units and are included with the rental. A wheel wrench and vehicle jack are NOT included with the trailer rental. Please refer to the sidebar for further rental trailer selection.

Beothuck Trailers Ltd
Beothuck Trailers Ltd

Rental Rates

Rental Period

Rental Charge

Shorter Than 5 Day Rental:Shorter Than 5 Day Rental:
5 Day Rental:4 x Daily
1 Week (7 Day) Rental:5 x Daily
2 Week (14 Day) Rental:9.5 x Daily
3 Week (21 Day) Rental:13 x Daily
1 Month Rental15 x Daily
Longer Than 1 MonthProrated Daily Rate (Based on a 30 Day Month)

Rental Requirements

A drivers license and credit card imprint is required for the rental of all trailers. In the case of a credit card imprint the card holder must be present to sign the waiver statement at the bottom of the rental contract. This can be done prior to the rental date, allowing for a third party to pickup the rental trailer. Contracts can be faxed for signing, if necessary.

Rental Reservations

Reservations can be made in person, by phone or by fax.

We require 48 hrs notice for cancellations or a one day cancellation charge will apply.

As such a credit card number is required for all reservations. After booking a trailer the rental start/end dates may be changed, but any changes are subject to trailer availablility and additional fees may apply.

Additional Charges

We do NOT charge mileage or insurance. For insurance coverage please contact the insurance provider of the towing vehicle. As a general rule: the vehicle’s liability insurance will overlap onto the trailer.

Cleaning and/or repair charges will be applied to rental trailers returned dirty and/or damaged.


Additional items that can also be rented WITH a trailer rental. Items are rented as a one-time charge, not a per day rate.



Ball + InsertProper size, height & weight capacity for the rental trailer.
Pintle Jaw + InsertProper height & weight capacity for the rental trailer.
Weight Distribution Kit; 10,000 lbs RatingRental price includes installation & proper setup.
Cable Hand Winch; 2 Spd; 3,500 lbs RatingMounts in receiver tube on select rental trailers.
Ratchet Straps2″ x 30′ w/ J Hooks 10,000 lbs Rating
Chains3/8″ Gr 70 Chain; 20,000 lbs Rating
Load Binders3/8″ ‘Boomer’; 19,000 lbs Rating
Ramps; Assorted Widths & LengthsStored in holders on select rental trailers.

Please read the front and back of the rental contract for full rental terms and conditions.

Prices do not include GST.

***Policies and prices on this website are subject to change without notice.

For Reservations Please Call

Or Write to Us for Trailer Reservations

Or Write to Us for Trailer Reservations