Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Most enclosed trailers have ‘V’ fronts. The trailer sizes listed are outside measurements of the trailer enclosure/body and do not include the hitch or fenders. The length measurement includes the ‘V’. For rental units with a ‘V’, the inside length measurement consists of the length of the main rectangular portion of the enclosure/body plus the length of the ‘V’.

Inside floor and wall tie-downs consist of D-rings or tracking. The tie-down configuration is not standard for all trailers and as such is dependent on each rental unit.

Wheel chocks for motorcycles are also available upon request. Select trailers can be outfitted to haul a vehicle.

Enclosed trailers are used for multiple applications and as such interior spotlessness cannot be guaranteed; please protect fabric items and furniture with coverings to prevent possible damage.

The enclosures are not perfectly air/watertight; some dust/moisture may enter through door and interior fender edges.

The enclosed cargo rental trailers are divided into 2 types:

Narrow-Body Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Narrow-Body Enclosed Cargo Trailers

(Body is between fenders.)

Wide-Body Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Wide-Body Enclosed Cargo Trailers

(Fenders are insert into body)

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