Did you know that custom-built gooseneck trailer can haul almost anything? Right from a tractor to a horse, gooseneck trailers have an incredible towing capacity and a stable weight distribution design that makes them quite popular in Edmonton. Suitable to carry the heaviest of material or the most valuable of equipment safely even for long distances, they are available in several models, and each can help you to serve a different purpose. Gooseneck trailers couples right over the trailer axle of the towing vehicle. Here is how you can find a perfect one for your personal needs.

Custom built Gooseneck Trailers
There are two kinds of gooseneck trailers; the fixed and the removable gooseneck trailers. The fixed variety cannot be detached from their trailer while the removable or custom built ones can be mechanically or hydraulically detached. Fixed gooseneck trailers are lighter in weight and have a longer deck length. Their style is particularly best for loading items from the rear. Custom built gooseneck trailers offer the flexibility to load items from the front, the rear, or above. Also loading heavy equipment on these type of trailers don’t require you to use external loading ramps.

Benefits of a gooseneck trailer
Gooseneck trailers are entirely different from many other trailer models. One of the most significant points of their distinction is that they distribute the weight of material over the rear axle of the towing vehicle, instead of behind it. Due to this weight distribution, the maneuverability and stability of the trailer are enhanced, which are critical especially if you are thinking about hauling heavy equipment or machinery.

  • Gooseneck trailers are less likely to turn, sway or tip over as compared to their other counterparts. Their turning radius is designed to support easy maneuvering even through narrow spaces.
  • With better hauling capacity and ample room for cargo, Edmonton businesses believe that gooseneck trailers are the safest choice too due to their best in class stability as compared to, for instance, bumper pull trailers.
  • Suitable for most kinds of hauling, whether it is livestock, heavy equipment, expensive machinery or an odd and large size material, gooseneck trailer can accommodate varied hauling needs. Owing to their large size, many times these trailers are even used as temporary living spaces or foundations for small houses by people.

Choosing a trailer
There are several kinds of gooseneck trailers in the market, and it is essential to consider your application when choosing one for yourself. While most trailers feature the gooseneck hitch which attaches over the rear axle of any towing vehicle, their design and purposes are quite different. The most popular forms are the flatbed, double drop, and 10-ton tilt. If you need to haul extremely heavy equipment, double drop gooseneck trailers are the best choice for you. This kind of trailer is useful even for stabilize loads that measure over 10 feet in height. If you are looking to carry a capacity of ten tons, the 10-Ton Tilt Gooseneck is a great choice as it also comes with a tilt bed for easy loading and unloading.

Knowing what kind of custom built gooseneck is the best option for you can be confusing, mainly if you deal with a variety of hauling sizes, weights and types of materials. Talk to Beothuck Trailers, Edmonton’s best Trailer business and repair shop for an informed perspective on what kind of trailer is suitable for your business.