Trailer Repair

Repair and Maintenance Services


Our Facility serves different types of trailers and hold an invenory of trailer parts

List of Trailer Services

We service all types and sizes of trailers. We have two 24′ service bays and two 53′ welding bays designated for trailer repairs. 


Beothuck Trailers

  • CVIP Trailer Inspections
  • Trailer Bearing & Brake Work
  • Trailer Coupler & Jack Removal / Installation
  • Trailer Axle Removal / Installation
  • Wiring/Lighting Repairs / Installation
  • Welding & Structural Modifications (Steel & Aluminum)
  • Vehicle Plug & Electric Trailer Brake Control Installation
  • 5th Wheel Hitch & Receiver Hitch Installation
  • Sandblasting & Painting
  • Axle “Flip” on RV Trailers
  • Receiver Hitch & Plug Installation on 5th Wheel RV trailers

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