The fall season does not mark the end of camping. In fact, it may be the best time to set out. Nothing like the warmth of a campfire when there is a nip in the air or roasting marshmallows, singing songs and enjoying snuggling inside your cozy travel trailer.

Hiking and biking in the fall season when the leaves begin to change colour can rejuvenate children and adults. It’s fun to pull that RV out of storage and continue the adventures you started in the summer. Just remember that when fall is over, you need to store your vehicle well to protect your precious investment that brings you so much joy.

Cover Your Trailer

The best way to keep your travel trailer protected when not in use is to keep it in a garage or barn.

  • Cover your trailer with a weather-resistant, UV-resistant tarp. Exposure to harsh weather conditions and strong UV rays can wear out the trailer roof, seams and exposed parts if it’s not well covered.
  • There are a few guidelines to ensure your cover protects your RV well. Clean and dry your vehicle before applying the cover. Flatten antennas if any. Keep roof vents slightly open to ensure airflow. Double check that all sides are well covered and secured.
  • Covering with a tarp is not enough to protect your vehicle from heavy snow. You may need to shovel off the snow in peak winter with a plastic shovel to avoid roof damage.
  • An effective way to protect your trailer in the winter months from snow, ice buildup and wind when you don’t have garage space is to rent an RV storage unit. It may cost a bit but will also save your RV from costlier damage.

Drain Water

Don’t forget to drain the stored water and waste out of your trailer before you put away your vehicle. This will keep the systems from gathering mould and mildew but also bring down towing weight.

Clean Thoroughly

After every camping trip, clean out the trailer properly. Sweep the floor or use a small vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt, debris and food particles. Wash, dry and store away the dishes. Wash off the dust and mud from the exterior of the vehicle. Air it out to keep off odours when you use it next. Wipe dry the surface, slide outs, expandable sections and canvas awnings. Keep your trailer dry is important to keep it free of bacteria, mildew and moulding.

Check Fixtures and Parts

Check the tire pressure. A low or flat tire needs to be mended or inflated to the right pressure before you set off again. Keep a small air pump in the vehicle that can be plugged with the 12-volt connection inside. Check electric wiring and bulbs. If you spot malfunctions, cracks, leakage or breakage, call professionals to have it repaired immediately.

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