You may not realize, but choosing the right suspension can make a big difference to the performance of your custom trailer. Choosing the right kind of suspension will cut your maintenance and repair costs significantly. However, it can be confusing to know which kind of suspension is appropriate for your trailer. This primarily depends on two factors: what and where are your hauling? Remember that your trailer’s axles and suspension determines how much weight your trailer can carry. As an example, if your trailer has two axles which can carry 10,000 pounds, essentially your suspension can carry only 20,000 pounds. In order to prevent suspension failure, you will need to match your axle rating and the suspension rating. A lot will also depend on where are you driving your haul. Whether you will be on a highway, an off-road or a combination of both, your suspension has to be moderated accordingly.

Highway Suspension

If you haul your trailer only on a highway, the slipper spring adjustable suspension is the best option for you. Not only is it highly economical, but it can also be adjusted to bring your tires back into alignment so that there is even wear on your tires, and your axles and suspension will last longer.

Another critical consideration is that if you often use your trailer off-road and are using a highway suspension, you will need to invest significant cost and time in correcting the alignment. If that is the case, it is better to invest in an off-road suspension. The air ride suspension is another option for highway hauling. In this kind of suspension, the axle sits on an arm with what is essentially an air bag and allows the trailer to ride on a cushion of air.

Although air ride suspensions can be a tad costly, they are a much better option for your trailer. Air suspensions are a great way to protect precious cargo and ensures the safest and smoothest transit for your cargo. In addition, air suspension helps to maintain a consistent distance from the ground to the top of the trailer. This means if you were to go over a pothole or a bump on a highway, it can keep the air in the bags consistent, thereby minimizing the impact and keeping the trailer at a constant height. This feature is especially relevant to haulers with a tall load. Although you can control the height of air ride suspension, it has to be done by professionals.

Off-Road Suspension

The off-road suspension is, as the name suggests, perfect to endure the abuse that accompanies off-road conditions. If you mainly haul on rough roads, an off-road suspension is the best choice for you. In the case of off-road suspension, there are no springs or airbags to cushion the ride. There is an axle that is welded to a beam that pivots back and forth.

Hybrid Suspension

If you do not have a specific requirement, you can consider a hybrid option. A hybrid suspension can help you to haul loads on both smooth and rough terrain. Although it is not akin to the smoothness offered by an air ride suspension, for example, it is still acceptable.

Choosing the right kind of suspension for your custom trailer can get confusing, especially with so many options. Speak to our associates at Beothuck Trailers. They will understand your requirements and recommend a suitable option. Whether you are looking to choose suspension for a gooseneck trailer, trailer axles or trailer repair, our Edmonton store has you covered.