You should use your RV as much as possible to get the most out of it, but that can also leave it looking quite worn. Driving through various weather conditions can take its toll on your RV. The cleaner you keep your RV, the less likely it will be to experience damaging wear and tear. You should wash the outside of your RV at least once a season or more depending on how often you use it and where you take it. An RV may seem like a lot of work to clean, but there are little things you can do to make it less of a daunting task.

Read the Manual
There is a lot of useful information in your RV’s instruction manual such as tips for cleaning it. It will include any specialized care instructions catered to your make and model specifically. You could end up damaging your vehicle if you do not consult the manual.

Ditch Brand Names
Most RVs are not any different than other vehicles, so don’t feel pressured to buy RV-specific cleaners. Most generic household cleaners will work well enough to leave your RV sparking.

Invest in a Quality Hand Vacuum
There are many nooks and crannies in your RV that can quickly fill up with debris. Standard-sized vacuums are too bulky to reach into these crevices, which is why you should get a handheld vacuum. Look for ones with narrow hose attachments.

Clean the Inside and Outside of Windows
You want to be able to look out your windows with clarity so that you can fully take in the sights you come across. That is why you should clean the inside and outside of your RV. You can easily do this with window cleaning and a microfiber cloth for smaller RVs or use an extendable squeegee for larger RVs.

Dump Tanks
While tanks do not directly hinder your RVs appearance, they can be the source of foul odours. Keep your tanks clean by dumping and flushing them as needed to keep the air in your ride refreshed. Store a pair of rubber gloves, hoses, buckets, and other items to make dumping and cleaning easier.

Prevent Mould and Mildew
Keep the moisture level in your RV as low as possible to stop mould and mildew from growing. You can do that by turning your air conditioning on in humid environments and leaving windows and doors open when possible. Buy moisture-absorbing packs as well for storage areas and closets. Avoid using detergent on mildew as it can make it worse. Instead, put mildew-smelling items in the wash with some distilled white vinegar.

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